Spread Betting UK

Not all traders are the same. Find the trading platform that’s best for you.

Spread Angel provides traders with a simple, easy to use platform to compare prices across the spread betting industry.

Spread Angel shows the huge variation in prices between spread betting companies and highlights any promotions or bonuses they are offering.

Different traders are better suited to particular spread betting companies depending on which markets they
focus on and how they trade. For example, a FX day trader may be better off with one firm and a long term
equity investor with another.

For many traders, over the course of a year, these savings could be the difference between being a net loser
and a net winner.

Brokers include: Ayondo, Capital Spreads, City Index, CMC, Core Spreads, ETX Capital, GFT, GKFX, IG INDEX,
InterTrader.com, InterTrader Direct, Spread Co, Spread Ex