Size is Everything..

The first cut is the cheapest… never be afraid to take your profits… Santa Rally! Three very common phrases you hear in the City’s trading rooms. One that is rarely spoken about in trading rooms, but more often in the bedroom is that size is everything! Size in this case is referring to the size…

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Has Covid created a money tree?

In March lock-down forced the majority of us to work from home or sit on the sofa and get paid 80% whilst not working. Depending on how you look at the situation, you could of been lucky or unlucky! The freedom that was suddenly thrust upon us, created due to the pandemic, produced different sorts…

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What’s it all about – Variable vs Fixed Spread

This is a question often asked by traders starting out. Variable spreads are relatively new to SB as most brokers would offer a fixed spread, although during the Asian trading session the fixed spread would widen. This worked – traders knew at all times what spread they would be paying. However, in the last decade…

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Transparent Brokers – A stealth tax?

Understanding why brokers charge an overnight financing charge and how this is calculated was not known by 95% traders in a survey. This percentage is extremely high, but to be totally honest not surprising. Every SB website you look at has lots of dropdown menus and tabs proclaiming how good they are and showing you…

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The Day Trader – Avoid fundamental errors

I first started trading the markets about 10 years ago after a mate of mine in The City left his graduate job after 3 years at a hedge fund and started trading for himself. I have always been good with numbers and assessing risk, but the intrigue of the money he was making got the…

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