Has Covid created a money tree?

In March lock-down forced the majority of us to work from home or sit on the sofa and get paid 80% whilst not working. Depending on how you look at the situation, you could of been lucky or unlucky!

The freedom that was suddenly thrust upon us, created due to the pandemic, produced different sorts of opportunities, particularly to the financial bettors. Markets had never been so volatile, and volatility means profit in these circles. If you liked to trade on the financials and you weren’t working in the industry it could be hard to find the time to analyse the data thoroughly, but now we had the time, and more importantly the space. A home office enables a more relaxed atmosphere without the worry of someone looking over your shoulder.

For many traders it has been easier to make money at home as they can afford themselves more time to pick and choose the correct trades, while also being able to monitor them more carefully. It also helped that there was a big crash at the very beginning and traders could see the markets coming back at some point. London’s FTSE 100 reported their biggest 3 month drop at in March, the worst since 1987, the DOW Jones plummeted 23% in the same quarter and the S&P 500 lost 20%. Compare that to now, where they have all made miraculous recoveries and are generally only down by 5-10% of their pre-pandemic figures.

It has also been widely reported that more financial betting accounts have been opened than any other period of time, begging the question, is everyone winning? You can be sure there will be winners and losers, but make sure you have the funds to place the trades and don’t chase your losses. If your WFH, sit back and wait for the right trades to come to you, by doing your home work and analysing the data.

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